Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Impome 2012

Impome in 2012 had begun with selection process from the committee since in October 2011. After selection on the bundle of requirements for students from many universities, the students who pass this part would be followed the next selection. The next selection in this program is an interview with the committee. Finally, the committee got 30 names of the candidates who have gotten this scholarship. 30 students would be divided into 2 universities, at Unsri and Unesa. In July 2012, The committee at Unsri and Unesa invited all students who had accepted in this program to meet with a lecture from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He is Marteen Dolk, a head of mathematics education study program in that university. The students got a workshop with Marteen Dolk during three days. This workshop became one of the requirements to study in Holland.

Before the beginning of course at Unsri or Unesa, each student got intensive English training during 1,5 month in 2012, which has the aim mainly at preparing the student to pass the Ielts test which score overall is more than or equal 6,5 and especially writing score has to get more than or equal 6,0. The students who can pass the Ielts test will get an opportunity to study at Freudenthal Institute of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, but for students who cannot pass this test, they will learn at Unsri or Unesa until graduate their study.

The Courses of Impome at Unsri

The courses at Impome of Sriwijaya University are divided into five courses in the first semester. There are problem solving (3 SKS), Abstract Algebra (3 SKS), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in math education (3 SKS), introduction to Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) (3 SKS), classroom observation (3 SKS).

The lecturers who teach Impome’s student are lecturer with enormous experience with RME approach. They are Prof. Zulkardi, a lecturer who teaches in ICT in mathematics and Introduction to RME, Dr. Ratu Ilma gets the course about classroom observation, Dr. Yusuf Hartono teaches a lesson on problem solving, Dr Darmawijaya teaches on abstract algebra. Mr Zulkardi also said in first of meeting in the classroom that Impome’s program aims to build the Candidates of New Academic Staff with four abilities in which become a lecture/teacher, a designer, a researcher and a leader. Furthermore, In this case, Impome’s program not only teaches the student to be a lecturer but also can be the other role in our life, Of course being human that can provide benefit for the environment.

Taking picture with Marteen Dolk and the male students
Taking picture with Marteen Dolk and the female students

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