Saturday, October 20, 2012

Classroom Observation

Classroom Observation is one of the courses at the International class of International Master Program on Mathematics Education (Impome) at Sriwijaya University (Unsri). It is preparation for Impome's student in the classroom before taking research in the next time. On this occasion, I will make a decision more clear again about this course.

Based on the first meeting of lecture activity by Impome’s student and the Guide book of Postgraduate Program of Sriwijaya University, Classroom Observation has the goal to find out more about the application of mathematics learning by using a Realistic Mathematics Education (RME). In Indonesia we always call RME with Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia (PMRI). The observation will be held in the school's partners who have cooperated with PMRI since about 2008. For students of Impome, this subject is very helpful to gain experience of how a teacher in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom. Besides knowing the learning process of teachers, student Impome also know how directly during the process of learning mathematics student activities done.

The activities of this course are a number of observations of Impome’s student who work with teachers in the classroom. After going through an observation, the student will make a small learning environment for the elementary school. This Course from the students which will make by themselves contains of design lesson materials, syllabus, lesson plan, and others. Through these observations, they will write the result of observation in the form of reports, and then they will give just enough information for teacher about how the teachers to know what they mean, what they hope to achieve in the process of learning and how teachers has to say and do. 

This is the preface of opening act in classroom observation. About further information, you can follow this blog due to be posted by experience of Impome’s students about how the activities of observations are done in the classroom.

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