Monday, October 22, 2012


The Information About Impome

I know that some of you will ask about Impome, “what is Impome?”. I got information about Impome from students who have gotten education about Impome and from weblog which I read. In my blog here and In the following text below, I will make several explanations about Impome.

Impome stands for International Master Program on Mathematics Education. Impome’s program is cooperation among Freudenthal Institute of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, Surabaya State University (Unesa) in Surabaya and Sriwijaya University (Unsri) in Palembang. This program gives an opportunity as a education scholarship for the lecturers or the Candidates of New Academic Staff or many people always call this requirement when they apply this scholarship with Calon Tenaga Akademik Baru (CTAB), and the teachers of mathematics with a bachelor degree in mathematics education or in mathematics to join.

Talking about allowance is very important for us to know, who is the sponsor of this program?

This program is funded between DIKTI from Indonesia and Neso from the Netherland. For students who studying in Indonesia will be provided by DIKTI Depdiknas (BPPS), while the period in the Netherlands will be funded by StuNed (Studeren in Nederland).

According to information and experience from the students who have graduated from this program, the program will be held for a period of 2 years which is divided into 3 stages, namely;

1. 6 months in Indonesia (Unesa or Unsri),

2. 1 year in the Netherlands (University of Utrecht),

3. 6 months for research and thesis writing in Indonesia.

Hopefully, my little explanation will give you more information about Impome. You can join with Impome in 2013 when the committee of Impome open this sholarship, I have an advice for you, please prepare your English ability because this courses in Impome uses English when the lecturers teach and give courses in teaching and learning process.

Success for you, guest.

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