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"SD N 1 and SD N 117 in Palembang"

Ahmad wakhidul kohar1
Fanni Fatoni
Wisnu Siwi Satiti3
IMPoME, Sriwijaya University, 2012
(1bangwachid@gmail.com, 2fan_math05@yahoo.co.id,3wisnu.siwi@gmail.com)

International Master Program on Mathematics Education (Impome)’s student Sriwijaya University (Unsri) 2012 had officially started the activities of lecture on 15th October 2012. IMPoMe is an application program of Realistic mathematics education Indonesia (PMRI), Indonesia version of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME). In 1994, the program had been begun when Professor Sembiring attended the second-ICMI China regional conference in mathematics education in Shanghai. Starting from this, RME has spread and implemented in several universities and schools in Indonesia.

One of the courses in first semester which is given is Classroom Observation who is taught by Dr. Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, M.Si. Classroom Observation is a course whose aim to know further  information about application of Mathematics learning by using approach of PMRI (Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia) in schools that have joined with PMRI. In general, pre observation has the purpose to know the learning and teaching process in the classroom which is done the teacher who collaborate with us to make the teaching and learning process by using of RME approach.
II.     Description of Activity
The number of IMPoMe’s students is 14 students who has got duties to observe in 9 elementary schools which 2-3 people, 1-2 school. Ahmad Wakhidul Kohar, Wisnu Siwi Satiti  and I hold observation about PMRI in SD N 1 and SD N 117 Palembang. In the first time visiting those schools, we felt friendly and kind condition among the head master until the teachers there. Concerning of further explanation about description activity will be made within two list schools.       
2.1.SD N 1 Palembang
SD N 1 Palembang, a public school which is one of the exemplary schools, located on Jl. Kapt A. Rivai Palembang. These observations as well as the initial opening of cooperation activities in this school because of PMRI in the years before him, the school had not worked with PMRI yet. On 17th October 2012, we have visited the school but we have not met yet with the school Principal because she was following training activities at SMK N 3 Palembang. We were received by Ms. Sus, Vice Principal to listen our explanation. After we told our purpose activities, she directly cannot give permission but she indirectly allowed and welcomed the arrival of us. She asked us to meet the Principal another day and we decided to come back on Saturday, 20th October 2012.
In the next visiting, we cannot meet directly with the Principal because she was going out to do the task. However, we are so grateful for on this day, the Vice Principal has directly given us permission to carry out observations to be involved directly in learning process by using RME approach as she said. Furthermore, we explained more detail to her, what we should do in the next various activities that will be working at school related to Classroom Observation course. We discussed to decide classes that will be used and she was ready to set up classes that we will use for the learning process based on RME.

about the further information, you can download  the complete file in here

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